Kinant DPIA Tool

The Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is the foundation of compliance to laws like the European Union’s GDPR. Kinant’s web hosted DPIA tool allows organisations to get started with an assessment in minutes.


Quick Ramp Up

Kinant cloud hosted DPIA tool helps you to get started immediately!

Be Compliant

The DPIA report will be documented evidence for compliance.

DPIA to Consent Mapping

Automatically map consent from DPIA to Kinant Consent Manager.

DPIA to Data Life Cycle Mapping

Automatically map data from DPIA to Kinant Data Life Cycle Manager.

Kinant Hosted

The DPIA is a self assessment tool that helps you build and demonstrate compliance. It is hosted by Kinant so you never have to worry about availability, maintenance or backups. Additionally, new features appear automatically.

Integrated with Data Life Cycle Tools

The Kinant DPIA tool integrates with the rest of the Kinant products. For example you can expose a new consent form to your users just by the click of a button. Or map what processing activities affect which IT systems and have the Kinant Data Life Cycle Manager watch for data leaks.

Compliance Dashboard

The DPIA dashboard gives you a summary as well as detailed views of your compliance.