Automated Data Life Cycle Management

Automatically track data based on privacy policies and user consent.

Out of Band Tracking

Kinant software does not share resources with your production software hence it does not slow you down.


Track a few databases or a thousand.

Patent Pending Technology to Track Data Leaks

Scan multiple terabytes of data per hour.

Integrated Machine Learning

Improve accuracy and reduce false positives for data leaks.

Data Inventory

Mapping all copies of personal data for a given user can be difficult, especially if the volume of data in the organisation is huge. The Kinant data life cycle manager does this for you in one easy step - point to a database column or a file containing user private data. Kinant learns from it and discovers it in other databases or file systems in the organisation. Kinant’s data mining technology even finds versions of user private data that are slightly modified from the master copy.

Secure Perimeter

Once you have defined what personal data to collect you need to secure that data. Kinant’s Secure Perimeter is a collection of databases and filesystems where personal data can reside.

Data Leak Detection

If personal data is found outside it’s secure perimeter, Kinant will raise an alert.

Ensure Data Deletes

When a user requests that her data be deleted it is often difficult to find copies or mutations of her data that are spread throughout your organisation’s storage assets. The Kinant Data Life Cycle Manager allows you to make sure that all copies of a user’s personal data have been deleted.