Quick Ramp up to Compliance

No need to integrate multiple products that solve only parts of the problem.

Reduce Cost

Eliminate upto 4 separate products and related integration costs.

Automated Data Life Cycle Management

Automatically track data based on privacy policies and user consent.


Track a few databases or a thousand.

Patent Pending Technology to Track Data Leaks

Scan multiple terabytes of data per hour.

Integrated Machine Learning

Improve accuracy and reduce false positives for data leaks.

Enforce Your DPIA

Your DPIA is the starting point for data protection. Its where you document what data you will store, for what purpose and using what resources. Very often there is a gap between a document (DPIA) and the implementation. The Kinant Data Privacy Platform makes your DPIA a live document that tracks compliance in real time.

The Kinant Data Privacy Platform allows you to map between consent and your processing activities. Kinant's integrated consent manager and data life cycle manager will alert you in real time if a user withdraws consent and her data is still seen in your processing pipeline.


The Kinant Data Privacy Platform dashboard gives you a summary as well as detailed views of your compliance.