The world over people are concerned about how companies use their data. The Kinant Consent Manager allows you to define, monitor and integrate consent into your apps.


Quick Ramp Up

Get started in days.

Reduce Risk

Know what your users want and be compliant with regulations.

Consent Granularity

Set the granularity of consent based on user type or application.

Consent Form Generation

Display consent forms directly from our web servers.

Change Notification

Take action when consent properties change, either manually, or automatically using our APIs.

Pay as You Go

Subscription based payment allows you to pay only for what you use.

Based on your Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) you can define consent form templates. Kinant allows you to import these templates form the Kinant DPIA tool.

Web Based Framework

Consent templates can be displayed to users through a Kinant hosted server. This is frees you from the burden of managing and maintaining your own consent application server.

API Integration

Kinant provides web based APIs for you to check whether a user has given consent. These APIs can be used within your applications to make sure a user’s rights are not violated.

Auditable Records

An audit trail is maintained for all changes to your users’ consent. These can be referred to in case of disputes.


The Kinant consent dashboard is a one stop destination for managing your user consent. It includes options to run analytics.