The data we collect

Contact information

Your email address

Financial details

Your bank account details if you sign up for a paid plan

Data that indirectly identifies you

Your browser and operating system type, time zone, geographic location

Usage statistics

The pages you view on our site and in our products, the time you viewed these, how long you stayed on and how often you come back

How we use your data

To deliver our product/service (legitimate interest, contract)

Authentication and authorisation, inviting your team members, saving your preferences, procesing your payments.

To make improvements (legitimate interest, contract)

Finding what is working and what is not. Using A/B testing, machine learning or statistical analysis on how you use our products.

Customer support (legitimate interest, contract)

Informing you about changes that may affect you like maintenance schedules or obsolescence of a feature. Responding to your queries. Informing you about new features about a product you are using.

Marketing (consent)

If you consent we may send you material about products you are not using, blog posts or articles.

Your privacy rights

You can ask us to correct your personal details

You can ask for a copy of your personal data

You can ask us to delete your personal data from our online systems

Data in our archives may be kept for upto five years after you leave our service.

You can get more details of how we process your data

Please write to us at

How we store your data

How long do we store your data

We will remove your data from our online systems within 13 months after you leave our service. We will erase your data from our archives within 5 years of leaving our service.

Where do we store your data

Your data is kept in datacenters in the UK and Germany. We use the services of third parties as listed in this policy.

Third parties who process your data

Google Cloud

Our software runs on Google Cloud, which means your data is stored and processed on Google's infrastructure. Kinant has a contract with Google that prevents Google from reading, analysing or sharing your data.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track how our web site and product is used.


How we use cookies

When you browse our web site or use our products some third party and our own cookies may be activated. The third party cookies we use will be listed in the section on third parties. Our web site and product will continue to work if you disable third party cookies in your browser.

Policy changes

Policy changes will be reflected in this page. If you are signed up with us we may send you an email if there are significant changes to this privacy policy.

Complaints and feedback

We take your privacy seriously. If you think we compromised your privacy or have suggestions to improve this policy write us at