Kinant AdWise Example

Hello and welcome to this live example!

Here you can see what the Kinant AdWise GDPR compliant web widget looks like and how it controls Ad technologies on this web page. After you configure using the Free Kinant Cookie Consent Generator you will get something similar working on your web site. Configuring Kinant AdWise is easy; you can get started in a few minutes. No registration or credit card details are required.

What this Example Shows

A tag is a piece of Javascript code given by your Ad Tech provider that enables Ads to be displayed on your site. A tag may have the capability to profile anyone who opens your site. In order to respect the privacy of your readers a tag that profiles should be activated only after consent is granted.

Tags are not unique to Ad Tech providers. The Free Kinant Cookie Consent Generator supports any tag.

Since this is an example we will not be showing live Ads. Instead we will be displaying boxes that correspond to popular Ad banner sizes.

What your Readers Get - GDPR Compliant Cookie Consent

  1. Kinant AdWise Consent Widget

    A consent widget with a message to your readers appears at the bottom of the page. You can edit this message in the Consent Message section of your Kinant AdWise dashboard.

  2. Opt-In Consent

    By default all tags that you configured in the Kinant AdWise dashboard are disallowed. This is called opt-in and is a legal requirement for GDPR.

  3. Description of how Personal Data will be used

    Mandatory text required by GDPR explaining the ways in which your reader's data may be used appears in the widget below your message to your readers. Clicking on UNDERSTAND YOUR CHOICES gives your readers details about what data may be collected and how it may be used.

  4. Granular Consent

    Clicking on granular preferences allows your reader to control which Ad technology is activated.

    In this example by enabling consent to specific Ads you can see how the corresponding Ad banner boxes are activated.

    Note that after turning off a tag your reader will need to refresh the page to see the Ad disabled.

  5. Right to Withdraw Consent

    When the consent banner is minimised it appears as at the bottom right corner of the page. Your reader can change her consent anytime by clicking on this button. This satisfies the ability to withdraw consent which is an important legal requirement in many countries.