Kinant Data Security Platform versus Others

Kinant protects data from the inside out, versus systems usually designed for intrusion protection. For example you might rely on network intrusion and comprehensive ACLs for your database stores, but regardless of how strong the fortress is, it is not going to help if someone leaves the keys to the kingdom lying around for someone to copy.

Statistically, organisations are more at risk from privileged, internal threats to sensitive data being accidentally or maliciously exposed than they are from threats from the outside.

Kinant Content Aware Tracking Vs DRM

The Kinant Platform uses content aware tracking that is agnostic of application layer software used to read or write data. This is unlike DRM based solutions that rely on applications heeding the DRM metadata contained in files. The Kinant platform uses proprietary data mining and machine learning techniques to look at a piece of data to figure out if something similar has been seen before.

Kinant Content Aware Tracking Vs Regular Expressions

Since the Kinant platform uses probabilistic models to see if a piece of data has been seen before it is able to associate transformed copies of data. Products that rely on regular expressions aren’t able to do this.

What this means: If there is a subset of an SQL store lying somewhere in your organisation in a text document as the result of a query, the Kinant platform is able to match this as being similar to the main store and alerts you it.

Particularly Suited for PII Discovery and Profiling

The Kinant platform implements it’s content awareness in a Machine Learning model that identifies the context within which user private data such as PII and PHI occur. This is in comparision to only Regular Expression based solutions that by their very nature are inclusive searches and thus suffer from a high rate of false positives.

Tip: The machine learning model used on the Kinant Platform can also be trained to detect bespoke, user defined templates of data that are deemed sensitive increasing the scope of it’s application.

Intuitive Tracking Model

The Kinant Data Security Platform implements a well defined Tracking Model that is intuitive and easy to use. You point it at data, give it a name, tell the platform where you expect it to be and viola! This is in comparison to solutions that have complex models that require the reading of tomes of documentation to get any use out of.

Works Across Storage Asset Types

Currently the Kinant Data Security Platform works on AWS deployments where it scans Block, Object, Filesystem and Database stores. It can also work with Snapshots and can analyse network packets leaving your virtual private cloud within the framework of the tracking model.

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