Getting Started

Deploy Kinant Data Security Platform

Kinant is deployed in your cloud environment or datacenter as a virtual machine. This guide covers the deployment process for the environment of your choice.

Kinant on AWS

Kinant is deployed in your AWS environment as an EC2 instance through a shared AMI (Amazon Machine Image). Make sure you have your AMI-id handy before starting the deployment process. In case you do not have an id, get in touch with us at or register here to obtain the AMI-id for your region.

You can deploy a Kinant instance in your region by either using our interactive command line utility or through the AWS console. We recommend deployment through the command line utility since the process is automated and logged. However if you wish to deploy via the AWS console, you may follow our step by step guide.

Deploying Through the Command Line Utility

The command line utility can be downloaded from our github page where documentation on running it is also posted.

Deploying using AWS Console

Our step by step guide to deploy Kinant through the AWS console is available here.

Kinant on Google Cloud Platform(GCP)

We are working on deploying Kinant on GCP. Stay tuned for more updates or get in touch with us at

Next Step: Running the Kinant Platform

Once the platform instance is up it automatically discovers your storage assets. It then begins to analyse your storage for pre-defined tags.

You can administer the platform through the dashboard by pointing your browser to: https://your-instance-IP-address:8443

See also: Dashboard User Guide Simple 3 Step Tracking Model

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