The Kinant Automated GDPR Compliance Solution

What can Kinant do to help?

The Kinant Data Security Platform can help with automating compliance to Europe’s GDPR that come into effect in May 2018.

What is the Kinant Platform?

The Kinant Data Security Platform lets you Discover, Track and Secure your Private Data. It defines a very simple usage model where you point the platform at sample data and it discovers similar data across your organisation. It also implements Continuous Risk Assessment.

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How does the Kinant Data Security Platform help?

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are fundamentally about giving back to users control of private data that can be used to identify them, placing a high emphasis on user privacy. The regulations mandate that oragnisations demonstrate accountability, that they maintain records of data processing activities and that they notifiy organisations of a breach within 72hrs.

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These requirements then can be broadly formalised into the following categories and Kinant helps you with each.

  • Data Inventory The Kinant Data Security Platform helps you demonstrate ‘accountability’ for your data by giving you a ‘data map’ of your entire organisation. The platform uses content matching algorithms to find duplicate copies of your data (even copies that are not exact duplicates), track data movement across assets giving you an actionable overview via an intuitive dashboard. Use this to minimize the copies of private data you have, be aware where all your data lie and who can see them and implement the users right to be forgotten.
  • Private Data Discovery Use Kinant’s tagged sets to automtically discover, classify and protect all private data. The platform uses machine learning and data mining techniques to discover private data such as PII and alerts you to violations. See our tracking model.
  • Monitoring for Data Breaches, Risk Assessment and Notifying the Authorities The Kinant Platform implements a Continuous Risk Assessment model to ‘Zones’ of data that you deem ciritical. It monitors particular zones for data ingress and egress that look similar to private or sensitive data and notifies you of vulnerabilities and breach events in realtime.

Wait, am I even under GDPR’s ambit?

Good question. You can measure your risk profile by conducting a risk assessment.

Coming Soon: Our free tool that assess if you are affected and your GDPR readiness.

Great! How do I get started?

Please take a look at our Getting Started guide to be up in no time!

Hold on, is this all I need?

Great question. Kinant’s continuous risk assessment and the free DPIA tool should be all that you need to prove compliance with regulatory authorities. However there might be cases where, depending on individual requirements, you wish to supplement the documentation. See our Online Resources section for information from various official and unoffical sources.